How does DEFNET work

DEFNET is an informal, expert-level, group comprising mainly of environmental focal-points and specialists from the Ministries of Defence (MODs) of EU Member States.

DEFNET helps MODs to improve their environmental performance and analyse and share solutions to problems, developing benchmarks, common standards and consensus positions where beneficial.

DEFNET helps MODs ensure that defence interests are appreciated during the development of European environmental legislation, through provision and exchange of technical information, thereby contributing to better legislation.

DEFNET helps MODs to meet the requirements of sustainibility and environmental legislation that is in place."

DEFNET tries to improve the quality of environmental legislation in the EU by bringing in defence interests early so that this will not lead to problems in the implementation of EU legislation.

DEFNET liaises with different NATO working groups in the field of environment and sustainability.

What can DEFNET not do

DEFNET discussions and communications are informal and do not necessarily represent or reflect any official statement or position of any Member State’s government or organisation of the European Union. Nor can DEFNET make collective statements on behalf of its members or MODs.

DEFNET and its members cannot represent Member States’ governments as part of any government-to-government relationship or in government-to-EU negotiations, except where members are acting in their own capacity as participants in such activities.

DEFNET Objectives

DEFNET’s main focus is on the environmental issues that, through European legislation or necessary management control, adversely affect, or could adversely affect, Member State’s defence activities and operational capabilities.

DEFNET provides a valuable forum for the collection, development and sharing of information between nations and between national and international legislative bodies.

DEFNET members aim to do this as early as possible as issues arise. The wide range of expertise represented amongst its members also allows individual members to take the lead on particular issues, driving improvement and helping others.

By MODs working together in this way, DEFNET helps EU Member States during the development of European environmental legislation and helps defence ministries to meeting the requirements of the legislation once it is completed.

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