Ways To Minimize The Frequency Of Stormwater System Cleaning

As part of ongoing stormwater system maintenance, you should clean your storm drains to remove the trash, debris, or sediment building up inside them over time. If not cleaned at least once annually (if not more depending on where you live), the drains can become clogged and cause flooding and related damage to your property.

Follow these tips to keep your home's stormwater drainage system clean and reduce the frequency of cleaning.

Minimize Hard Surfaces  

Thoughtful landscape design is the key to minimizing your storm drain cleaning frequency. Making hardscaping the dominant element of your residential landscape design will increase the frequency of cleaning because it results in more rainwater running off the land and flowing into the drains.

Working with trees, shrubs, turf, hedges and other natural materials that do not require construction can help reduce your storm drain cleaning needs. These soft landscape materials maximize water absorption into the ground, minimizing the volume of stormwater that ends up in your drains. Since less trash and debris are carried into the drains, the frequency of drain cleaning will be significantly reduced. 

Invest In A Rainwater Harvesting System

Harvesting stormwater is a great way to increase water security and reduce your domestic utility bills. Instead of letting all that clean water that falls on your roof drain off your property, you can collect and store some of it for future use. This will help you get ready for the dry season while minimizing surface run-off.

The reduced surface run-off will minimize debris buildup inside your stormwater drains, reducing the frequency of cleaning.

Maintain Your Yard

While grooming your yard is essential for enhancing the overall look and feel of your entire property, it can also help prevent your stormwater drains from choking up with sediment and debris. 

Trimming your trees, cleaning up fallen leaves, and removing the trash that accumulates near stormwater drains after a storm will go a long way in preventing clog-causing debris from collecting inside your storm drains.

A clean, well-maintained stormwater drainage system is essential for preventing flooding and the damage it can cause to your home. It also helps minimize contamination of the stormwater that ends up in local rivers, dams, lakes, and other water sources. That said, every property owner's situation is different and so are their stormwater drain cleaning needs.

Contact an expert to discuss your situation and get the help you need to keep your drains clean and working smoothly.

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