2 Ways Mold Can Be Detected in Your House

When a pipe breaks in your house, it can cause more than just damage to your furniture, ceiling, and walls. The water can get into all kinds of places that you aren't aware of, and you can end up with mold all through your house. The problem with mold is that there are a lot of different kinds of mold, and since it likes to live in dark places, you might not know that you have it. Some kinds of mold can be very toxic and can cause respiratory issues.

If you have had a flood from a broken pipe and you suspect mold, then you should have a mold testing company come out and inspect your house for you. 

1. Air Tests

One way that the inspection company will help you find mold is by testing the air in your house. The reason that they are doing this is to see if you have mold spores in the air of your house. Airborne spores are how mold reproduces itself. You can't see the spores, but you can feel the reaction from them due to allergies and respiratory distress. The machines that the inspection company uses to test the air should be able to tell you if there are any spores in your house. 

2. Swab Tests

Another kind of test that the mold inspection company will do is a swab test. The way that these tests work is that the techs doing the work will rub special swabs or wipes around various areas in your house. They will then look for the places where mold likes to grow. That may mean that they have to drill into your drywall or baseboards at certain places to see if they can find mold. The tech will only the swap or wipe in one place, and then place it in a specimen container. Then they will take it back to their company to check it out. That will tell them if you have mold, and if you do, what kind of mold you might have in your house. 

If the inspection company comes out to your house and finds that you do have mold growing, they can give you an idea of your various options. Depending on what kind of mold you have, you may have to leave the house until it can be remediated for your own safety. For more information about the health of your home, schedule mold testing services.